A new milestone is reached: the Lightning Network exceeds for the first time the bar of 4 000 nodes

The implementation of the Lightning Network around Bitcoin has reached a new milestone by recently passing the bar of 4,000 nodes.

A capacity of $ 772,000

The 1ML site reports the sustained growth of the “second layer network” deployed around Bitcoin, which allows for almost free and almost instantaneous payments.

At the time of writing this article, there were 4,036 nodes on the Lightning Network, including 2912 public nodes.




The network now has a capacity of 123 BTCs ($ 772,000). Its largest node boasts a capacity of more than 15 BTCs.

Here is a visual representation of the Lightning Network:

If the Lightning Network remains an experimental technology, and the developers focus for the moment on issues of security and robustness rather than lingering over the user experience, the network continues to grow.

Alex Bosworth, CEO of payment provider Yalls.org and specialist Lightning, revealed on Tuesday the improvements that had been decided by the community at a summit held in Melbourne last September:

These are a total of 30 changes that should be implemented in the next version of the software. It will include multi-trip payments, the possibility for two participants to fund the same channel but also a feature to hide the destination funds.

Stellar also plans to go to Lightning

The Stellar Protocol is also planning to build its Lightning Network by the end of the year. This implementation is part of the roadmap presented at the beginning of the year by the developers.

In particular, they intend to set up private transactions in order to respond to “market demand”.

“The Lightning will have an extremely positive effect on Stellar’s” scalability “and long-term security,” they said.

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