Amazon launches two new blockchain services: Quantum Ledger Database and Managed Blockchain

Two new products – Amazon Quantum Ledger Database and Amazon Managed Blockchain – will enable Amazon Web Services customers to take advantage of blockchain technology.

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, firmly believes in blockchain technology.

This is probably the reason why the company yesterday announced the launch of two services related to this technology: Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) and Amazon Managed Blockchain.

“We are announcing the launch of Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB), a custom database registry that provides a complete and verifiable history of changes to application data.”

“We announce the launch of Amazon Managed Blockchain, a fully managed service that simplifies the creation and management of scalable blockchain networks, thanks to popular and open-source Hyperledger Fabric & Ethereum frameworks.”

Amazon Quantum Ledger Database: an immutable and verifiable log that traces changes to data

QLDB is a database that provides a transparent, immutable and verifiable transaction log. It tracks all the changes applied to the application data, and gives access to a complete and verifiable history of changes made over time.

This is what can be read on the Amazon Web Services site:

“Amazon QLDB is a new kind of database that eliminates the need for complex development efforts to use your own registry applications. With QLDB, the history of changes to your data is immutable – it can not be changed or deleted – and with encryption, you can easily verify that no unwanted changes have been made to your app’s data.

QLDB relies on an immutable transaction log that monitors all changes made to application data, and maintains a complete and verifiable history of changes. ”

This easy-to-use product provides developers with SQL APIs. Note that its implementation is free: only the resources that are used will be billed.

Andy Jassy, ​​General Manager of Amazon Web Services, said:

“This technology will be totally scalable. It will be possible to rely on a more flexible and robust set of APIs that allow you to make any changes and adjustments you want to your database. “

Amazon Managed Blockchain, to create its own network

The other product launched by the e-commerce juggernaut is Amazon Managed Blockchain, “a service […] that simplifies the creation and management of scalable blockchain networks, thanks to popular and open-source Hyperlink frameworks. Fabric & Ethereum ».

Here is what the company says:

“Amazon Manged Blockchain eliminates the expense of creating a network, and scales automatically to meet the demands of many thousands of applications that process millions of transactions. Once your network is launched, Managed Blockchain makes it easy to manage and maintain. “

Amazon turns to blockchain technology to meet demand

These new products have been developed with the ambition to allow users of Amazon Web Services to be able to launch a “scalable blockchain network” in just a few clicks.

According to Andy Jassy, it was a question of answering the important request of the customers of the American giant.

“We do not develop technologies for potential demand. These are things that many companies need. “

This news has excited many actors in the crypto sphere, first and foremost Anthony Pompliano:

” Here we are.

Amazon has announced a new cloud service that allows developers to build blockchain networks more efficiently.

The infrastructure continues to grow. Price developments are just a distraction.

Concentrate on the fundamentals.

Note that it was recently learned that Amazon was trying to persuade physical businesses to adopt its Amazon Pay mobile payment system.


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