Europe: Samsung wants to file three crypto-brands

Electronics giant Samsung has filed registration applications for three brands related to blockchain technology.

Based on the descriptions provided by the company, these three requests relate to cryptocurrency custody services, which could be applied to smartphones.

This initiative suggests that Samsung would also like to offer its “smartphone blockchain” after recent releases of Exodus 1 devices from HTC and FINNEY from Sirin Labs.

The Dutch technology news site Galaxy Club reports that these three brands are called “Blockchain Core”, “Blockchain KeyStore” and “Blockchain Key Box” – names that seem to indicate clearly the direction that the first smartphone manufacturer is likely to take. world. These brands could apply “to smartphones, software applications that can be used on mobile devices, computer software platforms and application software”.

These initiatives show that, despite the fall of crypto-markets and some recent apocalyptic prophecies, a number of large companies like Samsung and HTC seem to believe that crypto-currencies and blockchain technology could be strong growth drivers over the next few years. years.

Does Samsung plan to bet on crypto-currencies?

By quoting a source who declined to be anonymous, Galaxy Club said that Samsung would plan to announce its willingness to offer a range of smartphones with features related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Last July, IT consultant Joel Snyder, who regularly posts on the Samsung Insights website, said that smartphones are significantly more secure than laptops and desktops for “storing” cryptocurrencies. According to this expert, mobile phones benefit from a “Trusted Execution Environment” that provides a secure area within the main processor. This ensures the protection of the code and data that are loaded, both in terms of confidentiality and integrity – a protection that would make it almost impossible for pirates to steal private keys from crypto-portfolios.

Thus, Samsung could bet on the adoption of crypto-currencies to boost its sales of smartphones, since the descriptions provided in these deposits directly hint at its desire to design blockchain solutions for mobile devices. It is still unclear whether the South Korean giant intends to offer such services in its next range of phones, while the Galaxy S10 is expected to be presented in February 2019.

These trademark filings come as Samsung has been interested for some time in blockchain technology.

In April, one of the company’s executives said it planned to put in place a distributed register to track its international shipments – an initiative that could help it reduce shipping costs by 20 percent.

In September, it was reported that the South Korean company had partnered with Squire, a Canadian Bitcoin mining company. Samsung should help it manufacture ASIC chips to equip its mining devices, and try to compete with Antminer range Bitwar mastodon.

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