NEO celebrated the two years of his Mainnet. What to remember?

On October 17, the cryptocurrency NEO celebrated the two years of the launch of its Mainnet. Two years – an eternity in the world of cryptocurrency – and we can say that NEO is on course.

A birthday in all discretion

In a rather dull cryptocurrency market at the end of 2018, NEO celebrated this anniversary quietly and with family, so to speak, thanks to its entire community. Several contests have been launched to mark the event with of course prizes awarded in GAS, the token used on the blockchain NEO. Created in 2014 and known at the time as Antshares, the Chinese cryptocurrency NEO is a veteran among the altcoins.

The strength of a community

The great strength of NEO is its community. On the occasion of this second anniversary, NEO also takes the opportunity to recognize the work of these groups active in various fields and contributing to the continuous improvement of the NEO environment. The best known are City of Zion and NewEconoLabs but there are many others working in the shadows.

The feeling of belonging to a community is moreover preponderant in the rise of cryptocurrencies. More than the material factors, it is the conviction to contribute to a common project that motivates these communities and makes them want to surpass themselves.

How is the NEO course?

NEO’s price did not escape the downward spiral that led to cryptocurrency in 2018. On November 1, the price of NEO was just over $ 15. Nevertheless, there has been a stabilization since August 2018 and a significant increase in volumes traded in October. This may be a sign that there is renewed interest in buying NEO and that the trend may be reversed soon.

It is also surprising to note the similarities in price developments with competitors EOS (EOS) and Ethereum (ETH). One has the feeling that it would be enough of a sign to launch a frenzy of purchase of cryptocurrencies and the rally so much hoped for.

The smart economy and the future of NEO

NEO and its community are more active than ever, witnessing the number of meetings, hackathons and other events around the world. The Mainnet is continually being improved and the NEO ecosystem is growing. For example, NEO announced a partnership with Arquit in October to work on the blockchain’s resistance to quantum attacks.

However, we feel it will take a few more years before NEO reaches its full potential. The vision of NEO and its smart economy revolving around digital assets, digital identity and smart contracts now seems clearly defined. It is now more than ever to put it into practice.

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