Ponder, the blockchain application that simplifies the recommendation

Have you ever been stuck – looking for a job, a life partner or a business opportunity? Days and weeks to carry out research on the internet, without success. Would not it be more relevant to ask your friends and contacts if they would be able to help you? It’s now possible thanks to Ponder.

Ponder is a recommendation platform based on blockchain technology. The company that originated it tried to make these recommendations entertaining, based on a game with a “puzzle” interface.

This project targets three markets for which it is more relevant to use humans than to rely on artificial intelligence algorithms, as currently do the main matching platforms. These areas are dating, recruiting and business. According to the founders of Ponder, these are $ 80 billion markets. Their dating app, which is already available, boasts 80,000 subscribers; their recruitment function is being developed, and their software dedicated to business will be proposed in 2019. The startup has already obtained $ 1.6 million in seed funding and has signed strategic partnerships, including with recruiter. com, one of the largest recruitment platforms.

The idea behind these three features is simple: users can play entertaining games, while helping a user and getting a reward.

Take the example of the dating application. Although modern algorithms are extremely sophisticated, registrants only provide a few pieces of information about them, which may not be enough to ensure that two people can potentially enjoy each other. On the other hand, their friends are likely to have a good idea of ​​who might be relevant partners. Thus, the application will allow these friends to act as matchmakers. The more suggestions they offer, the higher they can reach and unlock some features. If they manage to put in relation a couple, they will be able to obtain 10 dollars. The two lovers will each pay $ 10 for this service, which will allow Ponder to pocket $ 10 for each successful “match”. And if one of these couples ends up getting married, the matchmaker will earn $ 1,000 – and can be the damsel or the groomsman.

The same principle applies to recruitment and business modules – but with rewards, savings for employers, and much larger Boards. Users can view available job offers from their former or current employer, as well as from other companies they know well. They can suggest friends and contacts from their LinkedIn network who are actively looking for a job. If the recruiter and the candidate appraise, the referee can pocket up to $ 1,500, while the company will pay up to $ 3,000 – significantly less than the price it usually pays to recruiters. Through its partnership with recruiter.com, Ponder will have access to one of the largest job sites in the world, and will provide all of its offerings on its module.

Finally, the business module will rely on similar rules, and will allow users to recommend products, services and different business opportunities.

For example, Ponder’s proposed system could be used to promote dating and the job market, and to stimulate activity on the Internet.

Ponder is currently organizing its public sale, which began on July 1, 2018, and will end March 28, 2019. You can find out more by going to https://republic.co/ponder.

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